Recruitment Process Outsourcing in Japan

When organizations need to find highly qualified talent for their Japanese offices, they turn to the exceptional talent acquisition professionals at Envision.

As a talent acquisition company specializing in global recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), we’re known worldwide for our extensive knowledge, skills, and results. At Envision, we work with you as your RPO partner, extending our flexible services and vast experience to your team. Whether you’re looking for a full lifecycle or project-based RPO solution, we’ll help you develop a functional and proactive candidate pipeline for your Japanese operations.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) for Your Japan Office

Hiring in Japan poses many unique challenges, from aging demographics, declining birth rates, and a shrinking workforce to a culture where people don’t often apply to jobs. When you work with Envision, we can help you enhance your entire recruiting process to meet the challenges of the Japanese job market — sourcing, assessing, and securing the right talent for your organization.

As your RPO partner, Envision provides your business with advanced regional intelligence to support your recruiting decisions. Our team of expert recruiters helps you expand your talent pool to maximize candidate selection, ensuring you find the right person for all positions.

How RPO Works With Envision

In contrast to a recruitment agency or traditional staffing services — which focus on short-term solutions for full-time and temporary hires, respectively — an RPO solution emphasizes both short- and long-term hiring success in Japan.

Envision combines all the benefits of traditional talent acquisition with the advanced strategies and technologies of the modern RPO industry. We start by getting to know the ins and outs of your business, living and breathing your company culture to fully understand the mission and values your organization holds.

From there, your dedicated RPO recruitment team gets to work developing a proactive talent pipeline that suits your business’ specific needs for the Japanese market. Depending on the RPO model you choose, we can take on all or part of the recruiting process to minimize the burden on you and reduce overall recruitment costs.

What Makes Recruiting in Japan Different?

The Japanese job market is incredibly unique when compared to other parts of the world. From cultural nuances and demographic differences to employment law, there are a lot of factors to consider when hiring in Japan. As a result, many companies expanding into this region look for a workforce solution like Envision RPO to hire the right candidates.

Here are some of the top talent acquisition challenges recruiters face in Japan:

Talent Shortages

With an aging population and shrinking demographic of young workers, Japan has a unique problem with talent shortages.

Job Mobility

While it’s common to switch companies after a year or two in much of the world, this job hopping is traditionally frowned upon in Japan, where lifetime employment is still the norm. As a result, it’s rare to find candidates directly applying to jobs.

English Proficiency

It’s estimated that less than 8% of the Japanese population speaks English fluently. This could reduce your overall talent pool if proficiency is a high priority.

Employer Branding

Partly a result of lifetime employment traditions, Japanese candidates pay special attention to the brand they want to work for. That means companies must present not just enticing positions, but an attractive brand image as well.

With all of these challenges, it’s easy to see the difficulties of recruiting in Japan. So what’s the solution?

Outsource Your Recruitment Process in Japan

When you work with Envision for our Japan-based RPO services, we customize our approach to directly address the unique goals, challenges, and requirements of your business. Decades of experience recruiting in Japan enable us to provide precise expertise on local norms and nuances. Whether you’re new to the Japanese market or you’re an established company expanding your geographic footprint, our talent solutions help you streamline the entire recruiting process.

Ready to close your skill gap and create a proactive pipeline of Japanese candidates? Check out our flexible RPO solutions.

Flexible RPO Solutions From Envision

At Envision, we know that every business has unique processes, objectives, and challenges. Our custom RPO solutions are designed to perfectly align with your organization to maximize hiring success without getting in your way. Whether you need full-lifecycle management or a trusted advisor, our talent acquisition services have got you covered.

End-to-End RPO Services

Our end-to-end RPO services cover the full lifecycle of your recruitment process, from employer branding and candidate sourcing to screening, interviewing, and selecting talent. We’ll even handle negotiations to help you secure the ideal candidates for your organization. With our strategic oversight and full-service solution, Envision helps your organization streamline the recruitment process while saving time and money.

Project & On-Demand RPO

Our on-demand and project RPO services are an excellent solution for companies that need to meet short-term or fluctuating hiring initiatives. Whether you’re opening a new office in Japan or you’re looking to outsource your global recruitment function, our flexible RPO solutions are tailored to your talent needs. Get the benefits of a full-lifecycle treatment in a timeline that works for you.

Talent Acquisition Consulting

Envision’s leading talent acquisition consulting services are unparalleled in the industry. Our expert advisors convene with your executive leaders, managers, and stakeholders, taking time to truly understand your unique challenges in the Japanese job market. Then, we work with you to develop comprehensive and proactive strategies to overcome these obstacles and achieve your talent acquisition goals.  

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Elevate Your Recruitment Process in Japan With Envision

Envision is Japan’s leading RPO firm, specializing in exceptional outsourcing services for every step of the recruitment process. We start by integrating into your business to learn and build upon your company culture. From there, we develop a proactive pipeline to deliver qualified talent that fits seamlessly within your company.

To learn more about how Envision’s RPO services can help you find the right talent and scale your business, contact us today.